June 10, 2011


It is kind of funny how I’m not happy when perhaps I should be happy. Although I don't complain, my life until now hasn’t been great. Not too many people notice you when you come from a pitiful or troubled background, let alone care for you or want to be with you. It is only natural for you to grow up desiring acknowledgment. Hence when you get that sort of attention and company, happiness should be the most suited emotion for the occasion. However, I cannot see this change in a positive light. The question instantly popped into my head…”Why now?”
            The realization of the hypocrisy of the world and the swift, ever-changing colors of people quickly drowned any hope of delight at this new development of my life. My depression got me thinking. I continued to demand an explanation from myself for my despondence and dissatisfaction in the countenance of the fulfillment of these long aspired desires. It’s certainly not greed. “So… why? Why am I not happy?”
It hurts when I look around and all that there is to see is the rampant selfishness that has become an intrinsic part of humanity. Perhaps there lies the difference between me and the others. While others can ignore the true facts, reality and their own conscience to bask in the glory lies, illusions and deception, I refuse to conform and fit in. I recognize the ideal society as nothing more than a bunch of parasites whose emotions are induced by success. I know that my success may not last forever and if that happened, these so-called well-wishers would suddenly vanish leaving me as dry as a bone.
Long gone are the days when you could put the candle of your life in the hands of someone without even giving it so much as a thought because you know that your friend will prevent it from blowing out and protect it with his own life. Long gone are those average people, real human beings.
As the world progresses into the future, the demand for unique individuals increases exponentially. Everyone tries to become special. In this arms race to attain singularity, the good old average people are getting lost in a sea of shape-shifting, color-changing opportunists and that is a sad reality.