April 22, 2011

Fragile People

As I walk around the streets and watch the people I cannot help but realize how fragile they are. Everywhere I look, all I see is people and their weaknesses.
Emotions and bonds people have with others make them vulnerable. Throughout their lives they form these bonds of love and friendship. People become important to one another and they begin to depend on one another. However, our existences are limited by the sands of time. When people die their friends and family crumble down. The bond is severed but leaves a scar behind. The once cherished memories become the reasons for shedding tears of blood.
            Human are very fragile beings both mentally and physically. They are incapable of going beyond their emotions and awakening themselves completely. Each one of us pursues something in life. Sometimes we grasp it and sometimes we fail; but it’s always that one thing and no more. There are so many things out there waiting to be discovered, uncovered, realized and achieved. All we can do is fantasize about them.
            While others merely fantasize, I dream about them. I desire for all of that eternal knowledge and understanding of myself and the Universe in all its glory. Even if I lived for lengthy period of time and gained some, my death would force me to lose it all. The human physical lifespan is far to short for my goals….

April 15, 2011

A Path of Uncertainty

It is not uncommon for life to change tracks in fleeting volatile moments. More often than not, change washes over peoples’ personalities, beliefs, careers and even their lives itself like a tidal wave. It happens so fast that it becomes very difficult comprehend the situation. It’s funny how we always try to plan things out and how life turns everything around in a hundred and eighty degrees.
            I’ve experienced similar situations in my life as well and like a great deal of people, I didn’t seem to like it either. However, for a while now, I’ve observed and interacted with many people with similar stories to tell. Yet, somehow, they always seem to be happy to be where they are today. It got me thinking……thinking long and hard.
            To be honest, I still don’t have an answer (yet another unanswered question added to my ever expanding list of unanswered questions). I’ve seen people crusading against fate to change their lives and move it in a way they want life to go and succeed at it. So I thought maybe through hard work and will, people can change their lives the way they want.
Then again, I’ve also come across people whose lives changed against their will in the blink of an eye. Perhaps, life knows what’s best for us and goes in the direction which best suits us. Unfortunately, both of these explanations cannot give me a clear answer about why the path of life is as uncertain as the random paths of a bolt of lightning.
As far as I’ve realized, life is a mystery; there’s no use pondering over it. Though, a concoction of honesty, effort, perseverance, karma and a little bit of luck may go a long way. I surmise as long as you remain humble, work diligently with an unwavering spirit, do just and respectable deeds, you can be certain that you will not regret where you end up in life.

April 13, 2011

Hidden Behind A Mask

Lately, a lot has been on my mind. Finally, the years of efforts seem to bear some sweet and well-deserved fruits. With so much time at hand, finally I was able to reflect on all the things that have passed and think about all the people I’ve met in this time. I’ve been moving too fast without looking left or right and now the world and the people in it seem so much different than they were when I was younger; or perhaps I was naive back then. I like to think I still am today. Being naive seems a lot better than being a self-centered hypocrite.
            I seldom see real people these days. In the recent past, I’ve had some great opportunities to interact with a lot of people. I did interact with a lot of people and yet, all I saw were figures going around with their faces hidden behind masks (metaphorically, of course). When I say that a person is hidden behind a mask, I mean they constantly try to hide their true personalities and intentions. People pretend to be nice; they use your services for their benefits and then refuse to recognize you on the street next week.
            I have been thinking hard and I just don’t get it. Everywhere I look, all I see are these people with fake smiles on their countenances trying to use each other, betray each other and pretend that nothing happened. Suddenly, trusting someone or making friends seems so much more difficult than it was in the 20th century; at least that’s what my mom says. Where are the days of honesty and allegiance; where are all the real people with the courage to walk the path of righteousness? I’m not saying they don’t exist but they are just too few in number these days.
            The way I see it, the world is going from bad to worse. It’s a cruel place for fools like me, who wish to bring positive changes. It’s only a matter of time before this rampant hatred, negligence and all other forms of evil that infests our existence manifests into an epic natural disaster or a nine-tailed demon fox to eradicate us. Oh well, I better get back to some work; I guess I have been thinking too much and watching way too many animes……..