July 08, 2011


One of the simplest four letter words and yet probably one of the most awe-inspiring things in our existence: LIFE. Its beauty and mystery has baffled those who have given it any thought since the very beginning. Unfortunately, a lot of people take it for granted until the moment they face the one thing which is equally enigmatic: DEATH.
            I consider myself to be fortunate for I, unlike many do not take this one and only life for granted. I always attempt to make the best of it. Lately, I have been giving it a thought. What is the definition of life? To me, I guess it is simply to be Lost In Fickle Emotions.
            It may sound mundane at first but if we turn our attention to our lives for a second and think about our individual existences, it becomes surprisingly clear. We live our lives bound by what we see as correct and true. However, what exactly is correct and true? How do we define or distinguish them? They are merely vague concepts induced by our unpredictable emotions. My point is that even the greatest decisions or goals are a result of simple emotions.
            Our minds give us various reasons fueling our emotions which re-assure our belief on these vague concepts transforming them into our reality. Hence, we find ourselves goals to pursue. We find a purpose to live and not just exist.
            Every time we achieve a goal, we immediately move on and strive to grasp a new one. That is how life goes on. We sometimes knowingly or inadvertently lose ourselves to the shenanigans of our volatile emotions in an endeavor to find goals. Of course, if we did not, life would have been pretty meaningless.

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